Papageno-music: List of printed music

:Albrechtsberger, J.: "Requiem solenno": "Missa in C"

Beethoven L. van: "Romanze in F" arr. for Violin-Solo and Str.qu.

Beethoven L. van: Symphonies, arr. for chamber-music.

Cherubini,Luigi: "O Deus ego amo te", ("O God I love you"), Aria for Alto-Solo and Orch.

Cannabich: "Mozart-Gedächtnisfeier" (Mozart-Commemoration), for Soli, choir and Orch.

Farinelli: Coloratura-Air of the "Queen of the Night", for Sopr.-Solo and Orch.

Haydn, J.: "London Symphonies" for String quartet.

Haydn, Michael: all Advent-and Christmas-graduals f. Choir, Orch. and Organ.

Haydn, Michael: 4 Soli a capella on: "God preserve the emperor Francis"

Haydn, Michael: Songs: "When Josepha went alone in her small room after the copulation - wedding-song", "Booze, old lane-rascal", "To Mister Moll" etc.

Mozart W. A. (?) additional Orch. -voices for: "Missa in C", K.V. 258

Mozart W. A. "Die Zauberflöte", "Figaros Hochzeit, "Don Giovanni" for Str. qu., soon: "Idomeneo", "Titus", "Cosi", Entführung / Abduction" for Str. qu.

Mozart W. A. "Die Zauberflöte", Ouvert. for Piano 4 and 8 hands, "Figaros Hochzeit/F. wedding"

Mozart W. A. "The Magic-Flute-Mass", "Don Giovanni-Mass", histor. arrangements. "Stella coeli" - histor. spiritual arrangem.of Zauberflöte"-Airs, for Soli, Choir, Orch., Organ.

Mozart W. A. Concerts for Violin and Orch., arrangem. for Violin and Piano.

Mozart W. A. "Lieder" ( Songs), for Str. quartet

Mozart W. A. "Requiem" for Piano by C. Cerny (Dedicated to Abbot Stadler, Mozart's friend)

Mozart W. A. (sun): "Festchor" (Celebration-Choir) for Soli, Double-Choir and orchestra (on the occasion of the unveiling of his fathers monument in Salzburg, 1842)

Neukomm, Sigismund, knight of (Haydn's pupil): "Die Braut von Messina" (The Bride of Mess.) Text by Friedrich Schiller

Neukomm, Sigismund, Ritter von (Haydn Schüler): Variations on "God preserve the emperor Francis"

Neukomm, Sigismund, Ritter von (Haydn Schüler): "Die 10 Gebote" (The 10 commandments). Oratorio

Salierei, Antonio: "Venite adorate" (Come and adore), Air for 2 Sopr.-Solo and orchestra

Schubert, F. "Mass in F"

Süßmayr, Franz-Xaver: "Der Spiegel von Arkadien", her.-kom. Oper, Libr. E. Schikaneder 1794

Winter, Peter of (Knight): "Der zweyte Theil der Zauberflöte" ( The second part of the Magic Flute ), Das Labyrinth / The Labyrinth: Libretto: Emanuel Schikaneder First performance: Vienna 1798, (78 times on stage their).

Winter, Peter of: (Additional-Airs: Papageno, Queen of the Night, Sarastro, Ballett: str. qu. arr. etc.)

Winter, Peter of: "Babylons Pyramids", Text::E. Schikaneder

Winter, Peter of: "Colmal", Text /Libr.: Heinrich Joseph v. Collin

Winter, Peter von: "Schlacht-Symphonie" (Battle-symphony, with initial and final choir)

further compositions by Beethoven, Eybler, Haydn, Hummel, Mozart, Schubert etc.


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